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I contain multitudes. Of unspoken needs and outrageous deeds, weird habits and hopes, wired by invisible ropes. I contain multitudes. Ridiculous fears, well-deserved cheers, memories of epic wins and abrupt failure, turned into growing behaviour! I contain multitudes. Raw feelings, conflicting attitudes and mind-changing moods. I am a body of laughs, silent blind spots, a lot of YESes and so many NOTs! I contain multitudes. A colourful collection of black and white dots, splashing through veins in unexpected loud thoughts! I contain multitudes. Yet my whole sense of SELF keeps me together, in any challenge, however the weather! Mindful, out of my head! Aware, feet moving ahead! Connected to what I breathe in and all the empty spaces within! I contain multitudes. I choose my own self-grounding strings and self-empowering wings, so before breakfast I make happen six impossible things!

Poem inspired by Bob Dylan’s verse “I Contain Multitudes”, one of the many props we use in free-writing sessions w/ Tim Hurson on Mindcamp Connect. Cover photo: “Breathing Lungs”, my personal work during “Inner Cartoon Monster” self-discovery session w/ François Coetzee (2020).

© “SELF-Empowering Talk” poem by Noëla Zaharia (2021)

Amateur Stage Acting at Godot Theatre (Bucharest)

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