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Positively SELFish


Lateral workshops to develop mindset, skill and behaviours in 4-key areas for Self-Autonomy:

relationships | conflict | time | creativity

Change Maker


Professional coaching program for mindful change by choice in any area of life!

individual | silent | group sessions

How we L E A R N
  • We connect in momentum. Sessions are designed to support your learning objectives, also keeping an agile eye on your needs on the spot. Seizing this moment is when the learning happens! So, fully committed presence and high level of attention from your host and facilitator!
  • We are open to challenge. We may metaphorically throw the course agenda out the window. Or jump outside for embodied exercises together. Or go in Zoom breakout rooms to build on insights. We surrender the moment to support your learning to the best of my ability!
  • We are aware we grow together. Group sessions are so insightful! This feeling of belonging to a community of equally inquisitive peer-learners makes the learning so much fun! Sharing with others gets us energised, inspired and motivated to challenge ourselves, ask new questions, experiment and integrate different perspectives!
  • We approach each other with kindness, holding space to speak, listen and be heard. Everyone has their own story to tell. Listening, we can learn about ourselves. Sharing with grace may inspire others to voice their ideas too!
  • We enjoy creative learning tools. I see creativity as a natural self-help tool to navigate through any challenge! Using creative thinking props makes the sessions insightful, engaging and fun! Experimenting is how you learn how to apply them forward, in any context of life. You may like: theatre improvisation & role play, doodling & calligraphy, embodiment & nonverbal communication, storytelling anchors & guiding metaphors, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, free writing & poetry frameworks and countless other creative thinking props!
Most Recent Online Learning Experience To Train Your Creative S E L F

“Creativity on Toast” (“Creativitate pe pâine”) – mind shifting online sessions where we use creativity as a natural self-help tool to manage change in our leadership roles during challenging times – social, professional, in family, with self.

Dozens of teachers in the public sector joined the workshops during the pandemic, managing their transition from in-person to digital teaching with more ease, awareness and joy! Grateful for the rising interest of companies to support associations like Rubik School and Teach for Romania Alumni in bringing to life teacher-oriented projects in the education field!

30-Second Demo Of Embodied Coaching Exercise (NLP Dancing S.C.O.R.E. Model) With EuCF Professional Coach Noëla Zaharia

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