Coaching 1:1

There is a time for SELF and a time to coach others. We can’t be both client and coach at the same time. We need to make room for each role to play its part.


Professional coaching is a living process that keeps us grounded and in a flow of communication. A way of surrendering to the present while working towards the future.

Each question reframes our reality. Each answer challenges the patterns in our inner world. Each new connection in the present builds new questions for the future. This natural cycle turns the coaching process into a deliberately generative conversation within yourself and with your coach!

Coaching is a learning methodology to open up to possibility.

It starts with building trust in each other.

Carefully pacing with your thoughts and feelings, holding space for self-expression and inviting to self-reflective silence.

Skilful communicator, listener and observer. I am not here to bring you the answers you look for, but the creative process and insightful questions you need! Connecting with your deepest needs and challenges allows you to become aware and make those mind shifts and behavioural changes that best support your journey!

Learning-process facilitator. Engaging you with creative thinking tools and embodiment exercises to support your behavioural change is what I call an insightful coaching session worthy to spent your time, energy and money on!

Mindful guide. In coaching, the road to change rarely starts with taking the first big step. Choosing a door or even reaching to the doorstep can in itself be an end goal! Crossing over can be another one. I support you befriend your ambitions at your own pace, walking beside you with confidence, patience and empathy.

On Being Your C O A C H

My journey in the coaching profession started in early 2007 when I first read about neurolinguistic programming. Two tiny rows of text at the bottom of page in a learning manual about people development practices. I am still grateful for my keen eye for details! Two years later, this small seed of curiosity found the fertile ground to flourish; I joined a well-structured international learning program on professional coaching and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), alongside an inspiring group of skilful trainers and coaches that turned into lifelong mentors.

The coaching process is an inquisitive approach to actively find and grow your SELF.

I believe how we nurture our SELF is what we give back, creating meaning in the world. And that any act of kindness towards people starts with attention, kindness and care for our SELF. This is what I call being positively SELFish.

Joining our change by choice coaching program together is more than setting goals and fulfilling them! It’s about deliberate discovering, understanding and transforming your SELF on this learning journey, so you keep connected with your SELF no matter what your next endeavour may be! This is what I call being a mindful change maker.

On Your B E N E F I T S

As ancient Greek philosopher Heraclit noticed 2500 years ago, “Change is the only constant in the Universe”. Reflecting on our inner Universe, we may realise we are in constant flow of change and transformation too!

Coaching is an effective tool to deliberately manage change for your SELF, at personal, bite-size level.

Though we aim to develop as SELF-autonomous beings, we understand that our actions generate an impact in all the systems we operate – personal, relational, professional, social, with family. Which is why the coaching process invites to systemic thinking, becoming aware of all personal needs in a wider context, however big or small. We approach our transformation mindfully and holistically!

Systemic thinking can be supported by many creative tools. You can find examples here.

For instance, by using these building blocks to turn your thoughts into a 3D mind-map, you shift your view in and out of the context! Bringing out your ideas in such a personalised and structured form helps you better understand, how you make decisions, what stands between your challenges and results, how self-sabotage may look like, how to support conflicting beliefs or what it takes to meet your goals!

This picture was taken in 2011 by my first paying coaching client who is also a professional photographer. He wanted to capture his detailed SELF-discovery process and share it through what he loves most: photography.

“Through coaching I learned how to separate my business needs from mine! And how to work for my business, not to satisfy my own ego. I feel more self-confident and I make decisions with a clear purpose in mind. Now I can say what bothers me without feeling resentful. My recommendation? Turn that page in full confidence!

Delia N., Entrepreneur

More feedback from clients here.

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