Leading by choice starts with becoming SELF-aware.

And making deliberate changes starts with being “positively SELFish”.

Are you a manager, parent, teacher, specialist or entrepreneur?

Take your time to connect, balance and nurture your SELF while aiming new objectives, growing teams or caring for others!

Lateral Workshops 
For SELF-Autonomy
Creative Practices 
For Joyful Changes

I am here as mindful guide to bring you the coaching process and creative tools you need to grow your SELF-autonomy for an impactful transformation on all levels – socially, at work, within family and personal!

Find your SELF amidst complexities and learn how to refine communication in relationships, grow out of conflict, turn time into focused energy, even boost your creative thinking in challenging contexts!

Craft Your SELF

How you grow your SELF impacts you and the teams, businesses and communities you are part of!

I believe CREATIVITY is a natural, non-invasive SELF-help resource that enables us find clarity within uncertain, adverse, complex and volatile contexts.

Creative tiny habits, tools and practices disrupt fear, unfruitful routine and limiting beliefs, helping you develop new useful skills, behaviours and attitudes that support your growth outside your comfort zone!

Flexing your creative muscle in a positively SELFish way (considering deep needs, aiming a higher purpose) may lead to wonderful outcomes: find balance within, connect more meaningfully, rediscover the joy in your work, bring old passions to life, make long-desired changes. And definitely having fun during the process!

Your self-empowerment and deliberate care for growth may inspire others craft their SELF too!

Are You Ready?

Discover Original Experiential Learning Programs for SELF – Leadership!

  • Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®)
    • A series of lateral workshops to develop mindset, skill and behaviours for SELF-autonomy in 4-key areas: relationships, conflict, time, creativity (open groups and in-company team sessions)
    • The safe learning spaces invite you learn and practice the art of both leading and following in all areas of your life – personal, professional, social, with family or your SELF.
    • “The interactive exercises helped me answer my questions, but at the same time made room for new ones that I am curious to explore.” (Bogdana C., Psychologist & Educator)

    “How You Nurture Your SELF Turns Into Thoughts And Actions That Bring Change Into The World.”

  • Change Maker (#SchimbăFoaia®)
    • Professional coaching program for mindful change by choice in balance with your whole being – personal, career, family, social, with SELF. (individual, silent, group sessions)
    • The learning is based on the two principles of “positively SELFish”, aiming to integrate the transformation you want in a healthy way, with care and respect for all areas of your life.
    • “Through coaching I learned how to separate my business needs from mine! And how to work for my business, not to satisfy my own ego. I feel more self-confident and I make decisions with a clear purpose in mind. Now I can say what bothers me without feeling resentful!” (Delia N. – Entrepreneur)

    “Change Is The Only Constant In The Universe.” – Heraclitus


    I am Your Partner In People Communication, Well-Being & Mind Shift!

    • As Certified EuCF Professional Coach (CEUC) and Member of the European Coaching Federation (Vienna) with over 12 years in the coaching profession, I bring you the in-depth experience, insightful questions and creative process to support your learning journey, either individual or within groups. See feedback.
    • As Graduate Advanced Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming with the Austrian Training Center for NLP/ NLPt (Vienna) and Mind Master (Bucharest), I bring you the safe space to explore your inner subjective reality at bite-size level, so that you grow awareness and make meaningful changes with visible impact in both inside and the outside world!
    • As Certified Experiential Learning Designer and Facilitator (Formator) I bring you in momentum learning contexts on the topics of SELF-Awareness, Autonomy and Change. Professionals, parents, teachers and youth of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, ages and interests come together to connect, share and develop, turning the group learning about SELF-Leadership into an inclusive, wisdom-generative and fun experience! See gallery.

    Some of the passions I turned into mindful creative habits to support learning: theatre acting, free writing, foreign languages, writing poetry, photography, shodō (Japanese calligraphy). Discover how we work and what tools we use.

    Deliberate Change Makers Practice Positively SELFishness With Grace.

    • Early on, my curiosity for communication and learning processes met the proper environment to grow as People Communication Professional. I have spent 10 years in Talent Management (Resourcing, Engagement, Learning & Development) with multi-market companies in fast-paced creative industries. Working in such a challenging field, at the intersection of creative efficiency (media & advertising) and user experience & measurable performance (digital marketing), has helped me understand the importance of the final step in any human endeavour – the implementation! And learning from it to move forward!

    Which is why I see myself as an implementer, a hands-on practitioner of the professional coaching and training work I do! Your main benefit in working together for SELF-discovery: deliberate and meaningful PRACTICE to make PROGRESS!

    I am currently based in Bucharest/ Romania. I have worldwide work availability via online platforms, either in English or Romanian language. See full profile here for further reference on background and education credentials.

    Wired To Connect and Create

    The challenging year 2020 found me in Luxembourg at the Erasmus+ “Youth Work In the Digital Era” in-person Conference where I showcased the other European youth workers some of the creative tools I use in my practice.

    Soon, working remotely has got me closer to the global community of creatives Mindcamp Connect (Canada) where I’ve been tapping ever since into the practical art & science of creativity alongside other passionate practitioners! Here I find new wisdom by attending curated learning sessions and grow my skills as facilitator by designing interactive workshops for an international audience.

    My passion for languages – Romanian, English, French and Spanish – opens my mind and heart to different people and cultures, making our communication, sharing and learning together possible anywhere in the world!

    Turn The Page For A Meaningful Change!

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