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You may be a manager, parent, teacher, specialist or entrepreneur, dealing with uncertainty and complexity in your daily life!

Here you will discover how you can access the learning context, coaching process, creative tools and community practice you need to grow your SELF-awareness, boost your AUTONOMY and drive mindful CHANGE, in balance with all areas of your life – personal, professional, social, family, with yourself!

Blending my background in creative industries with my experiential facilitation skills and professional coaching practice, I have specialised in using CREATIVITY as a natural, fun way to support your SELF-discovery and growth!

Connect with your SELF to show up in the world authentic, balanced and free!

Join the lateral workshops Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®) and bring creativity to your learning journey!

Make deliberate, meaningful change with kindness to your SELF!

Be a Change Maker (#SchimbăFoaia®) and book your FREE first coaching session together!

Your Creative Partner In People Communication, Coaching & Change!

My early openness and curiosity for communication and learning processes met the proper environment, practice and mentors to inspire me and grow as People Communication Professional.

I spent the first 10 years of my career in Talent Management (Resourcing, Engagement, Learning & Development) with multi-market companies in fast-paced creative industries. See full bio here.

This experience helped me understand the importance of the final step in any human endeavour – implementation! And learning from it to move forward!

Deliberate Change Makers Practice Positively SELFishness With Grace.

Working on my BA in Communication and Public Relations with the University of Bucharest, I developed a keen interest in systemic thinking and how to apply communication principles in our every day life to nurture relationships, manage conflict or increase motivation! Which further led me to joining the coaching profession.

As EuCF Professional Coach, I am a member of the European Coaching Federation, having graduated the Advanced Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming with The Austrian Training Center for NLP/ NLPt (Vienna) and Mind Master Creative (Bucharest).

My personal transformation during the 4-year training in NLP (the study of the structure of our subjective experience) and overall 12 years coaching practice have supported me to develop insightful creative learning programs for people in search for their SELF and meaningful change!

Two of these programs are lateral workshops Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®) and the professional coaching program Change Maker (#SchimbăFoaia®). More than 800 teachers, parents, youth and specialists in companies, schools and NGOs, Romanian expats living in Europe, even professionals in the US, Canada or East Asia, have benefited from learning together so far.

Discover Original Experiential Learning Programs for SELF – Leadership!

We change the world, the world changes us. We are daring leaders, as we are patient followers. We thrive by practicing and learning from both perspectives.

Leading by choice starts with becoming SELF-aware. This means to discover and follow your deepest needs, resourceful behaviours, joyful passions, useful abilities, supporting beliefs, important values and true mission in life!

Becoming SELF-aware often asks for new changes! Understanding the positive intentions of your actions and how to care for yourself while supporting others too, means to lead changes in a “positively SELFish” way: self-empowering, compassionate to others and aiming a fruitful purpose!


"The interactive exercises helped me answer my questions, but at the same time made room for new ones that I am curious to explore."

(Bogdana C., Psychologist & Educator)

How You Nurture Your SELF

Turns Into Thoughts And Actions

That Bring Change Into The World.

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"Through coaching I learned how to separate my business needs from mine! And how to work for my business, not to satisfy my own ego. I feel more self-confident and I make decisions with a clear purpose in mind. Now I can say what bothers me without feeling resentful!" 

(Delia N. – Entrepreneur)


Is The Only Constant

In The Universe.”


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Wired To Connect and Create

Our global community of explorers come together to play, learn and connect on Mindcamp Connect (Canada) to create positive change in our personal, professional and social lives. You can find me attending curated learning sessions on the topic of creativity or delivering workshops for an international audience about creativity in people communication, SELF-coaching and deliberate change making. 

Join our passion for languages – Romanian, English, French and Spanish – that opens our minds and hearts to different people and cultures, enabling our communication, sharing and learning together anywhere in the world!

Meet me in person in Bucharest/ Romania or anywhere via online platforms. I listen, learn, speak, train, coach, write, dream in both English and Romanian language.

Let’s make an impact together! >>> hello.noelaz@gmail.com