I am Noëla Zaharia and this is a free space of meeting and expression of three of my favourite fruitful fields of study, work and awe: communication, coaching, change!

With 15 years of experience in creative industries – publishing, media & advertising, digital marketing – and 6 years of freelancing in the field of education – experiential learning and professional high-potential coaching -, I work with companies, schools, NGOs, entrepreneurs and individuals in both Romania and abroad.

Apart from native Romanian, I’ve been speaking and studying in English my whole life! So I find it very easy to think, engage, learn, teach and coach in both languages, which makes me feel connected to ideas, cultures and people around the world!

Most recently I joined Mindcamp Connect Canada as Applied Creativity Practitioner where I attend curated sessions on the art & science of creativity, practice free writing and test new generative ideas and problem solving tools to share forward in our learning sessions together! Also, I love facilitating workshops for such a diverse community of creative thinkers!

In 2020 I initiated “Creativitate pe pâine”, a series of mind shifting workshops where applied creativity helps people discover new ways to work, relate and have an impact in these challenging times. Dozens of teachers have benefited from the workshops during the pandemic, managing their transition from in-person to digital teaching with more ease, awareness and joy!

Some of the learning tools I use during in-person and online sessions are: theatre improvisation & role play, doodling & calligraphy, embodiment & nonverbal communication, storytelling anchors & guiding metaphors, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, free writing & poetry frameworks and countless creative thinking props!

I am founder of #EgoismulPozitiv® and #SchimbăFoaia® experiential learning programs for Self-Leadership. These two complement each other, engaging people in both individual and group learning contexts to experiment different types of exercises, reflection and interaction. The double-view experience brings a better understanding of the self (goals, values, beliefs, skills, behaviours, needs) aiming two areas of interest: drive SELF-AUTONOMY and manage CHANGE! 

In time I discovered there are 4-key areas we constantly need to unlearn, coach and train to drive more self-autonomy in our lives – personal, social, family, workplace. These are: relationships, conflict, time, creativity.