I am Noëla Zaharia and this is my professional playground. A creative space of awareness, wonder and joy where we come together to find our SELF!

You may be interested in self-discovery, building self-confidence, training self-care habits, growing self-esteem, widening self-knowledge, meeting your creative self, encouraging resourceful self-talks, changing your self-perception, refining self-management skills, developing self-autonomy or practicing self-connection and centring. Whichever goal you aim next for a more fulfilling life, it all starts with becoming SELF-aware!

Growing your awareness and keeping connected to your SELF supports you navigate more mindfully and effectively through the complex systems of your challenging leadership roles – manager, parent, teacher, specialist, mentor, coach, partner, trainer, self-starter, entrepreneur, care giver or activist. It also grows resilience in times of adversity and uncertainty.

SELF-awareness offers you grounding and peace of mind, freedom to let go and motivation to find new meaning. It brings clarity about your purpose in life and courage to take long-desired actions in pursuing your goals. It also cultivates presence, increases autonomy and reveals your authenticity, adding value within teams and communities you work and relationships you foster – personal, professional, social, with family and with your SELF.

A Short SELF-Discovery Story Through Learning L A N G U A G E S

Apart from my native Romanian, I have been working and studying in English almost my whole life! Diving deep into both languages is like living at the open intersection of two realms. A place where both perspectives about the world co-exist purposefully and peacefully. Thinking, listening, understanding, training, coaching and creating in both languages is how I connect to diverse people, cultures and wisdom around the world!

My early interest in experiencing foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, even Latin, German and Japanese at one point), has opened my awareness about my SELF and the world around beyond the limits of my own language. I became aware of the rules I break, rhythms I surrender, rituals I choose, roots I grow, rebel I become. And got even more curious about the different sounds in the world! Such as isiXhosa – one of the 11 official languages in South Africa -, whose clicks of a mesmerising beauty reveal how diverse, resourceful and beautiful we all are!

Soon, this curiosity for different types of communication, language structures, meanings and sounds has turned into desire to create safe learning spaces where people can express freely, listen mindfully and look for their SELF in new creative ways!

For that, I started studying a new language that would help extend our vocabulary, reframe understanding of the existing words and challenge the narrative in our native tongues. A fluid framework of communication that would open up fertile conversations and facilitate transformation in the process of learning. A language that, once experienced, understood and spoken, could become a tool for deliberate SELF-help and for supporting others too! 

So for the last 12 years I have focused my attention on practicing and mastering what I call the “SELF-discovery language”, a generative tool that has brought the best in my SELF and others in all areas of life – business, relationships, parenting or personal endeavours: the language of coaching!

Approach Your SELF And Others As If Exploring C O U N T R I E S

I see each person as a country, speaking their own local dialect, making sense of the world in a unique way, fighting their own battles, both defending their territories and expanding to new ones with each new experience they live. When I say dialect, I mean more than the spoken word. But a specific set of verbal and nonverbal characteristics, embodied emotions, various structures of thinking, beliefs, values, skills and habits developed throughout time and generations within personal frames of work, experiences or education backgrounds.

Diving into languages has helped me grow a wide range of particular skills in my professional and personal life. Notice, ask, listen and hold safe spaces for trying out new things, making mistakes and learning from feedback. Or chunk down big concepts into verbs that reveal what we value in our inner worlds! I pace with people’s reality with utmost respect for their inherited culture, deliberate choices and deep feelings!

Joining views, experiences and communities of different timezones and various rhythms is a constant invitation to practice patience, empathy, openness to change and connection with the Center of the Universe!