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Connect to your needs and rediscover your SELF while going through challenging roles or complex systems in your life – manager, parent, teacher, specialist, self-starter, entrepreneur.

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Original Experiential Learning Programs for SELF – Leadership

Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®)

  • A series of lateral workshops to develop mindset, skill and behaviours for SELF-autonomy in 4-key areas: relationships, conflict, time, creativity (open groups and in-company team sessions)
  • The safe learning spaces invite you learn and practice the art of both leading and following in all areas of your life – personal, professional, social, with family or your SELF.
  • “The interactive exercises helped me answer my questions, but at the same time made room for new ones that I am curious to explore.” (Bogdana C., Psychologist & Educator)

Change Maker (#SchimbăFoaia®)

  • Professional coaching program for mindful change by choice in balance with all areas of life – personal, career, family, social, with SELF. (individual, silent, group sessions)
  • The learning is based on the two principles of “positively SELFish”, aiming to integrate the transformation you want in a healthy way, with care and respect for all areas of your life.
  • “Through coaching I learned how to separate my business needs from mine! And how to work for my business, not to satisfy my own ego. I feel more self-confident and I make decisions with a clear purpose in mind. Now I can say what bothers me without feeling resentful!” (Delia N. – Entrepreneur)

As creative problem-solver and facilitator I bring your learning about your SELF the perspective of applied CREATIVITY – mindset, habits, tools and practices. I see creativity as a natural, non-invasive SELF-help tool whatever the context we need to manage – uncertain, adverse, complex, volatile and especially safe and comfortable!

Flexing your creative muscle with purpose and in a positively SELFish way may lead to unexpected outcomes: grow awareness to improve relationships, find new solutions to unsolved problems, step from building lists to actual productivity or take on new, joyful challenges!

How you nurture your SELF impacts the teams, businesses and communities you are part of! Your self-empowerment and deliberate development may contribute and inspire other people to find their SELF and grow too!

Your Partner In People Communication, Well-Being & Mind Shift  

As Certified EuCF Professional Coach (CEUC) and Member of the European Coaching Federation (Vienna) with over 12 years in the coaching profession, I bring you the in-depth experience, insightful questions and creative process to support your learning journey, either individual or within groups.

As Graduate Advanced Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming with the Austrian Training Center for NLP/ NLPt (Vienna) and Mind Master (Bucharest), I bring you the safe space to explore your reality at bite-size level, so that you grow awareness and make meaningful changes with visible impact in both inside and the outside world!

As Certified Experiential Learning Designer and Facilitator (Formator) I bring you in momentum learning contexts on the topics of SELF-Awareness, Autonomy and Change. Professionals, parents, teachers and youth of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, ages and interests come together to connect, share and develop, turning the group learning about SELF-Leadership into an inclusive, wisdom-generative and fun experience!

Some of the passions I turned into mindful creative habits to support learning: theatre acting, free writing, practice foreign languages, writing poetry, photography, shodō (Japanese calligraphy). Discover how we work and what tools we use.

Early on, my curiosity for people communication and learning processes met the proper environment to grow as a profession. I spent 10 years in Talent Management (Resourcing, Engagement, Learning & Development) with multi-market companies in fast-paced creative industries. Working in such a challenging field, at the intersection of creative efficiency (media & advertising) and user experience & measurable performance (digital marketing), has helped me understand the importance of the final step in any human endeavour – the implementation! And learning from it to move forward!

Which is why I see myself as an implementer, a hands-on practitioner of the coaching and training work I do! And your main benefit in working together for SELF-discovery: deliberate and meaningful PRACTICE to make progress!

Wired To Connect 

As active member of the global community of creatives Mindcamp Connect (Canada), I tap into the practical art & science of creativity by sharing during curated learning sessions and facilitating workshops for an international audience.

As long-life learner, I connect with people & cultures through passion for languages: English, French, Spanish, Romanian.

I am actively looking for visionary organisations interested in fostering inspiring work & learn environments where people reach daring goals while encouraged to grow their autonomous SELF, hence bringing more value within their innovative teams, sustainable businesses and changing communities.

Currently based in Bucharest/ Romania. Worldwide work availability via online platforms.


Credentials In Education

Erasmus+ granted for the International Conference “Youth Work in the Digital Era” in Luxembourg where I showcased creative learning tools for youth workers at the International Fair (2020).

Certified as EuCF Professional Coach by the European Coaching Federation, Vienna (2019). Certified as High Potential Coaching Specialist, Experiential Learning Designer and Facilitator – Formator w/ ANC (2015). Graduated as Advanced Master Practitioner in Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Coaching & Mediation the 4-year learning program developed by Austrian Training Center for NLPt – Vienna and Mind Master – Bucharest (2013). Joined the NLP studies alongside the skilful community of ethical EANLPt trainers and practitioners from Austria, Croatia, Poland, Romania and the USA (2009). Qualified in Human Resources Management w/ ANC (2007). BA licensed in Applied Communication and Public Relations w/ University of Bucharest (2003).


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