Eager to create a practical and culturally relevant personal development program for people in charge with their growth, Dana Dumitru and I launched “Meta-Miorița” in 2015, a co-training partnership driven by our common background and solid skills in neuro-linguistic programming and professional coaching.

“Meta-Miorița” is a 4-course learning structure for Romanian language speakers, challenging deeply rooted behaviours and beliefs through engaging ideas and practical exercises. We called this step-by-step journey “personal transHUMANce”. 

The purpose of the program is to engage people in thinking possibilities that lead to new behaviours, thus conquering fears, doubts and preconceptions to (re)gain confidence, self-control and appetite for life!

We built this program from the ground up, planning our co-training sessions as engaging experiences through self-reflection, peer-learning and integration of different views of each trainer on the same topic.

The 4 experiential workshops put things into a wider perspective (meta-position), so people notice their current arid contexts (e.g. toxic work environments, unhealthy relationships) and discover a new and resourceful place for a better living! This is the personal transHUMANce.

The learning starts from our own beliefs, limitations and perceptions through traditional sayings (proverbs), which makes it easy to see how our thinking is in alignment (or not) with our present or desired goals. Each learning experience has a domino effect on the next, triggering overall transformation on four directions.

1. self-control -> 2. autonomy -> 3. balance -> 4. action

Learning M O D U L E S

#1 – Beliefs & Objectives
#2 – Relationships & Valorisation
#3 – Sexuality & Courage
#4 – Creativity & Innovation

Meta-Miorița is about learning how to handle and balance the new while keeping a vigilent eye on the old.

Challenge S T O R I E S

Our inspiration to learn how to grow out of our own stories imprinted by popular sayings and old proverbs came from the famous Romanian pastoral ballad “Miorița” (The Little Ewe). Here you can find a beautiful English translation.

This anonymous folk tale belonging to the epic literary genre lies at the foundation of Romanian culture and heritage, having been both a source of creative inspiration, soothing wisdom and a conflict generator for decades!

The name “Meta-Miorița” comes from the title of my Master Practitioner behaviour modelling project on the topic of staying focused and self-aware through meta-positioning, prepared for my second year of training in neuro-linguistic programming back in 2012.

The program reached dozens of individuals in open-sessions and raised interest of professionals in companies such as IBM where we ran a workshop as part of company’s employer branding project GoT: Game of Thinkers

Since this is a learning process facilitation type of project, the program can be tailored for English speakers too, with careful consideration for the cultural specificity around stories, speech patterns and belief system.

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