📢 Feedback

“Through coaching I learned how to separate the business needs from mine! And how to work for my business, not to satisfy my ego. I feel more confident and I make decisions with a clear purpose in mind. Now I can say what bothers me without feeling resentful. My recommendation? Turn that page in full confidence!” – Delia N., Entrepreneur

“Individual coaching sessions were a breath of fresh air for me! A new horizon! They gave me the courage to look for strength in the old and find anchors in the new, but mostly find myself! Where there is fear, there is room for something new. And where is need for coaching, there is Noëla – gentle, skilful, authentic.”

Andreea Gârbacea – BPO Recruitment Lead, Accenture Romania

“I had a disruptive experience I would never expect from a workshop! Noëla showed me what it means to look sideways and how to use lateral thinking in every day life. Apart from a skilful professional, she is always there to support your learning!” – Camelia B., Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

“Innovation is in the DNA of our organisation. So the initiatives that stimulate our people’s creativity could not miss from our project (n.r. eMAG Playground). Using lateral thinking techniques, we challenged participants overcome the tendency to get stuck in patterns and guided them towards free of the box thinking. The workshop was run by Noëla Zaharia, learning designer & coach, sharing practical exercises and case studies related to creativity in business.”

Andreea Pană – Internal Communication Consultant, eMAG Romania

“Your guidance and presence helped me find the direction on the spot, coming back to myself and rising my interest with a thrill! I would highly recommend such workshops to my brother too! Thank you so much! – Cristina V., Lawyer

“Grateful to find valuable ideas to put into practice in our personal and professional lives. Each day we notice the progress in our participants’ learning journey in the program (n.r. “Good To Go” Startup Academy). Thanks to the creative and interactive exercises in your workshop, we managed to build a more homogenous community, looking more carefully towards how they can contribute further in a way that meets their daring aspirations!”

Mădălina Dobre – PR Manager Business Club & HR Officer “Good To Go” Startup Academy

“I have never felt so connected with so many people at the same time! I can’t tell when time flew during this workshop on creativity. Looking forward to coming back. Thank you!” – Magda M., School Teacher

“Noëla taught us how to turn the page. Be present in our inner Universe, honour our needs, release the energy out of the tight ropes of fear. She taught us to remember about ourselves in our wild endeavour to change the lives of the children we work with and practice SELF-care with love and kindness. And it’s going pretty well! Grateful Noëla is always here for us, for a new generation of brave teachers!”

Mirela Ștețco – Head of Training & Support, Teach for Romania

“This was an insightful day, around very nice, interesting and relaxed people. The interactive exercises helped me answer my questions, but at the same time made room for new ones that I am curious to explore. Noëla’s inviting learning space, deep engagement and patient facilitation style built an A+ grade workshop!” – Bogdana C., Psychologist & Educator

“Joining your workshop on how to manipulate our personal time was truly revealing! I used to think about manipulation as something bad, but engaging with your point of view and manner of running the session, I must say I learned how to bring out the magic out of my time! I strongly recommend this workshop to everybody looking to spend meaningful quality time in their learning sessions!”

Adelin D. – Sales Director

“Grateful to have you as my coach.” – Adriana S., School Teacher

“Thank you for a relaxing day despite the complex words we worked with – “selfish”, “conflict”. And thank you for the questions! A moi de jouer maintenant to find all the answers. One more thing: positive attitude!”

Geanina G. – Project Manager