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4 Learning T O P I C S

Relationships – interpersonal or with self, and also with money, work, health, failure, safety, risk, freedom etc.

  • Self-Awareness: The Mirroring Effect
  • How to Say NO in Relationships
  • How to Connect With Parents (for teens)
  • I Am OK, My Kid Is OK (for parents)
  • Words Create Worlds (for people who parent for families, children and businesses)

Conflict inner stress, in relationships, between divergent beliefs and values, in decision making; toxicity, hesitations, blockages in communication

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sum of All Fears (on vulnerability & failure)

Time – inner perception of time, procrastination, planning and control over objective time

  • Self-Management in a Timely Manner
  • Take Your Time (deep work on the subjective perception of time)

Creativity – inner creative process, reframing creativity, “there is no box” thinking tools

  • Creative Cats Have to Work Like Dogs
  • Creativity on Toast/ “Creativitate pe pâine”

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Due to the high degree of engagement during the learning sessions, we currently meet exclusively online. Safety first! 🙂

Will definitely keep you posted here with the changes! 

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