Curious how the non-formal learning experiences can boost your self-autonomy?

Get ready to find out!

Having landed on this page, you may be interested in new, practical and unconventional ways to help yourself and others break free from discomfort or add more joy, purpose and well-being in your lives.

You may be looking to manage change, understand relationships or find balance. Set a goal, build a plan and find motivation to stick to it. Or maybe you want to get rid of bad habits and start fresh on your own ideas while having fun too!

As nonformal learning facilitator through professional high-potential coaching and experiential training, my energy goes for the curious minds, passionate professionals, future leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs, as I support them to discover, keep and develop their self-autonomy in every day life.

WHY do I facilitate non-formal learning experiences?

First of all, you found a verb person here! This means that I invest all my time and knowledge to create resourceful environments so you discover success as a verb, not only as a noun.

I put ACTION at the core of our work together towards any goal, either related to change, development, transformation or growth.

These are not just fine words, but the way I live every day. Present, energetic and with a curious mind! Being a constant learner and explorer is a way of life!

After 15 years of working in personal development/ HR/ communication in the creative industry, in 2015 I launched a series of fresh, fun and insightful self-directed learning programs, such as #EgoismulPozitiv® or #SchimbăFoaia®.

The purpose? To facilitate playful, creative and meaningful experiences that help people un-learn and re-learn by themselves, for themselves! Support them become more self-conscious, in control, compassionate and inspiring to others in every context of life – business, family, social.

At a personal level, this is what self-autonomy is all about: being happy, acting wisely, keeping balance and feeling free!

HOW is this relevant to you?

 #EgoismulPozitiv® and #SchimbăFoaia® offer you the time, structure and in-depth work to break your automatic behavioural patterns and ineffective states of mind, so to boost your courage, confidence and know-how for more self-autonomy in all areas of your life.

You may find this quite useful if you feel stuck, bored, fearful, angry, hurt or lack joy and energy in your life. If you need to say “no” and learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Or if you need to make a change, manage a challenging context or wish to become more human than robotic in your actions.

You can enjoy the safe, yet daring learning contexts, where you can challenge your own beliefs and behaviours, discover strengths, go beyond prejudice, change perspectives, by working purposefully, either in groups or through individual sessions.

This may also be of help if you search for new goals and passions, ways to communicate ideas better or to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

Be aware! The programs facilitate your own personal learning process! This means YOU will be the one to discover how you work, what to change and where to go next.

I will give you no advice, no pre-defined to-do list, no recipe. You are unique, the way you live, act and think is unique and so is your learning path!

WHAT are these non-formal learning experiences for you?

1. #SchimbăFoaia® (Professional High-Potential Coaching Program)

individual | group | silent sessions

The program is designed considering the holistic approach of any human being, where work, family, social and personal lives collide, support and complete each other.

In companies, coaching sessions turn out to be a very useful weekly practice for anybody, especially to keep up the energy, motivation, engagement and relevance in the self-directed learning process.

For high-potentials, people in key-roles and specialists with leadership skills, coaching is vital, as this practice not only trains their managerial skills, but also broadens their understanding of the business, teams and how to grow others too.

2. #EgoismulPozitiv® (Lateral Workshops for Self-Autonomy)

The 100% experiential workshops focus on the 4 main areas anybody should develop in order to claim their self-autonomy in any aspect of life – business, family, social:

relationships | conflict resolution | time management creativity & innovation

The non-formal group experience adds up to the individual coaching learning process, offering you a broad understanding of self, situations and others through practical exercises, structured information and specific case studies.

Each workshop can be tailored to suit any company’s need for people development. Some of the clients’ preferred topics include: self-awareness, conflict, creativity.

WHO is your facilitator?

Noëla Zaharia, passionate learner and explorer!

– professional background

  • 15 years of communication and human resources work in creative industries (publishing, media & advertising, digital marketing)
  • 10 years as HR Manager | Talent Scout | Brand Ambassador in multinational media agencies
  • 10 years of practice in Professional Coaching & Mediation, out of which 2 years in organisations – accredited at European level (EuCF Certified Professional Coach, CEUC – blue level)
  • 4 years of freelance practice, building and facilitating nonformal learning experiences for companies and open public.

– studies

>>> Full profile here

– personal skills

Passionate of theatre, music, playing, shodō (Japanese calligraphy) and neuroscience, I put my creative approach to support you understand how to manage challenges, innovation, engagement and change in your life.

My work specialisms include creative thinking, effective wording, nonverbal communication, neuro-linguistic reframing, guided meditation, management of thoughts and feelings, public speaking, setting objectives and personal branding (managing vulnerability).

I value time, work ethics and respect for people.

Either working with groups or individuals, my practice implies a high level of presence in the learning process, meaning in-depth thinking, freedom of speech and movement, creativity in connecting ideas, personalised feedback and ability to quickly shift attention from detail to the bigger picture and vice versa.

My skills offer ongoing support to:

  • Teach for Romania – individual coaching sessions for teachers and TfR staff; experiential workshops
  • Universitatea Alternativă – individual coaching sessions and experiential workshops for student entrepreneurs
  • Business Club – experiential workshops for future business leaders
  • DisruptHR Romania – active Event Ambassador (and part of the Entourage)
  • Mia’s Children – volunteering (educational activities, connect people and resources)

WHAT do clients find valuable in their learning experiences together?

“Innovation is in the DNA of our organisation, so the initiatives that stimulate creativity could not be missed out. Using lateral thinking techniques, we challenged our participants to overcome the strain of getting stuck in patterns and guided them to think out of the box. The workshop was run by Noëla Zaharia, coach and learning facilitator, and supported the attendees with practical exercises and case studies about creativity in business.” >>> full article here

Andreea Pană – Internal Communication Consultant, eMAG

“I am writing with the same positive energy that I felt during your workshop. Thank you for being part of our Start-Up Academy and for constantly supporting the learning process of our community of young entrepreneurs. We managed to take out of your class very valuable ideas that will help us both personally and professionally. Every day, we see the progress of the participants. The creative and interactive exercises helped us build a more homogenous community that looks more carefully to creating added value in an authentic way.”

Mădălina Dobre – HR Officer, Good To Go Start-Up Academy by Business Club

“The coaching sessions helped me learn how to dissociate between my needs and my company’s needs, how to make decisions in the benefit of my business instead of trying to satisfy my ego. I feel confident, I plan things having a purpose in mind. Now I can say exactly what is bothering me without taking it personally or feel resentment. My recommendation for others? Go make a change in your lives, join #SchimbăFoaia coaching program!”

Delia N., entrepreneur

“[The workshop was] a wonderful experience. Getting to realise what traumas you have not overpassed, things which remained there perhaps well hidden and learning from the others – seeing the world and the facts from a different perspective. I would repeat it without hesitation because there are always things to learn and to experience. And last, but not leas, because I had the chance to meet extraordinary people. Very good opportunity to do a thorough analysis of oneself. Thank you!”

Alice B., economist

* more testimonials here

WHEN and WHERE can we meet and learn together?

Professionally, I am based in Bucharest (Romania) and deliver workshops and coaching sessions throughout the country. So, I run the disruptive learning experiences anywhere is needed, either locally or abroad.

Most recently #EgoismulPozitiv® launched in Belgium and #SchimbăFoaia® reached as far as The Philippines!

As you can see, mobility is only a matter of time, not distance. We can easily connect via email and plan together a live workshop or a coaching program via Skype.

I easily use both Romanian and English language and have worldwide work availability: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North & South America.

Also, you can contact me anytime for interesting group projects, individual collaborations or any type of non-formal training you may need for you and the people in your company.

Or just send me a message to say hi and share ideas 🙂

My email: hello.noelaz@gmail.com
Skype ID: noela.zaharia

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Let’s meet!


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