Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®)

Aware that each action has a positive intention for your SELF and that caring for others starts with your own SELF-care, we understand why these two principles became the solid foundation of the concept “egoismul pozitiv” or “positively SELFish”.

Can I serve from an empty pot? 
What is selfish and what is not?

I launched this challenging oxymoron in 2016, while preparing a Summer Camp workshop on freedom in relationships for the students of the Alternative University of Bucharest.

Soon enough, Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®) turned from a daring perspective into an open-minded practical learning program on SELF-Autonomy!

It all started with questioning the comment “You are selfish!” and becoming aware of the root of the word (SELF) and how suffixes (such as “-ish“) turn the initial words into something else. The joy of SELF-discovery and acknowledgement of the bright side of being selfish – meaning to actually have a SELF to reflect about! -, was truly inspiring! This is what led to the oxymoronic structure positively selfish!

More specifically, words create worlds. In this process of self-reflection, we move the attention from the generally accepted meaning of the word “selfish” (e.g. a person who does not care about others) to inquiring at personal level if, why, how, where and when this SELF manifests. So, how am I caring for others while keeping a vigilent eye on my SELF in the process?

So the purpose of Positively SELFish (#EgoismulPozitiv®) learning program is to:

  • find your sense of SELF, seizing its meaning before the random attachment of any of the suffixes: “-ish”, “-less”, or “-lessness” 
  • grow self-awareness by practicing self-ruling (lead) and surrendering (follow)
  • develop self-connecting mindset, skill and behaviours in 4-key areas: relationships, conflict, time, creativity.


This is how we learn. 

And these are some of the communities that took an interest in learning together: people of Accenture, Bridgestone, Business France, eMAG, Impact HUB, Philip Morris, independent professionals in public and private schools, NGOs and associations like Teach for Romania, Alternative University, Learnity, Rubik Schoool or Students’ Business Club.

Find out for your SELF!

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