People Communication Professional 

supporting individuals on their journey to keep connected to their SELF while navigating through complex systems in their challenging leadership roles as managers, parents, teachers, specialists, mentors, coaches, partners, trainers, self-starters, entrepreneurs, care givers or activists.

EuCF Professional Coach | Certified Experiential Learning Facilitator | Youth Worker

Actively looking for visionary organisations interested in fostering inspiring cultures where people reach daring goals while encouraged to grow their autonomous SELF, hence bringing more value within their innovative teams, sustainable businesses and changing communities.

In-Company E X P E R I E N C E

10+ years of Communication roles in Talent Management – Resourcing, Engagement, Learning & Development with multi-market companies in fast-paced creative industries activating at the intersection of creative efficiency (media & advertising), user experience and measurable performance (digital marketing).

Full work timeline here.

Professional Learning Design P R A C T I C E

12+ years of Certified Professional Coaching facilitating individuals and people in companies grow self-awareness, find purpose and manage change in all areas of life. Two years of in-company role, coaching individuals find their SELF within the team, business and communities they are part of.

6+ years of freelancing as Certified Experiential Learning Designer & Process Facilitator in the field of SELF-Leadership, engaging individuals and teams in companies, schools, NGOs or youth associations through original experiential learning programs:

Positively Selfish (#EgoismulPozitiv®)

  • lateral workshops to develop mindset, skill and behaviours in 4-key areas for systemic SELF-autonomy: relationships, conflict, time, creativity

Change Maker (#SchimbăFoaia®)

  • professional coaching program for mindful change by choice in any area of life (individual, silent, group sessions)
Wired to C O N N E C T

Certified EuCF Professional Coach (CEUC), Member of the European Coaching Federation, Vienna

Active member of the global community of creatives Mindcamp Connect (Canada), tapping into the practical art & science of creativity by sharing during curated learning sessions and facilitating workshops for an international audience.

Long-life learner, connecting with people & cultures through passion for languages: English, French, Spanish, Romanian.

Currently based in Bucharest/ Romania. Worldwide work availability via online platforms.


Credentials in E D U C A T I O N

Erasmus+ granted for the International Conference “Youth Work in the Digital Era” in Luxembourg where I showcased creative learning tools for youth workers at the International Fair (2020).

Certified as EuCF Professional Coach by the European Coaching Federation, Vienna (2019). Certified as High Potential Coaching Specialist, Experiential Learning Designer and Facilitator – Formator w/ ANC (2015). Graduated as Advanced Master Practitioner in Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Coaching & Mediation the 4-year learning program developed by Austrian Training Center for NLPt – Vienna and Mind Master – Bucharest (2013). Joined the NLP studies alongside the skilful community of ethical EANLPt trainers and practitioners from Austria, Croatia, Poland, Romania and the USA (2009). Qualified in Human Resources Management w/ ANC (2007). BA licensed in Applied Communication and Public Relations w/ University of Bucharest (2003).


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